How to get good contact quality with EPOC+

Please do the following, paying particular attention to Step 8:

1). Please ensure that you have allowed the headset to completely charged overnight.

2). Saturate the sensor with saline. This means thoroughly saturating the felt. The felts require moderate to heavy saturation with saline solution. Again, please be sure that you are properly moistening the sensors.

3). Please make sure that the sensor is fitted.

4). You will need to ensure that the sensor is in contact with the head. Try to re-seat the headset to make sure the spot hits the head with some tension - this works for all sensors. If you are still experiencing problems, please go to Step 5.

5). Inspect the sensor. Make sure the gold plate is there and the middle of the sensor dome is clean. Check that the socket is also clean, especially across the front of the gold fingers. Make sure the green stuff has not built up so the sensor does not clip in properly.

6). Try to press the felt pad firmly into the sensor while it's connected to the headset (support the back of the sensor to make sure the headset doesn't get damaged). Alternatively, you can get the sensor out in your hand, put your thumb against the back of the gold dome and squeeze the felt pad in with your forefinger. It should protrude by no more than 3mm. Re-saturate and try again. If you are still experiencing problems, please go to Step 7.

7). Swap the sensor with a working one. If the problem moves, it's the sensor rather than the socket.

8). Please try to press down on the 3 sensors + reference sensor (CMS and the DRL - Sensors above the ears) for at least 20 seconds. Ninety percent of the time, this step alone will activate all the sensors.

9). Please view the following link to ensure proper installation- .


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