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Dear Backers!

We’ve had so much activity that we couldn’t resist another update! In case you missed our earlier announcement, we started shipping rewards on July 10th! We have also released some Early Access software exclusively to our backers.  You can find download links on the Kickstarter Backer Access page. These apps are true beta and have room for improvement. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us and are looking forward to developing these apps to provide you with useful and meaningful metrics.

A huge shout out and thank you to the backers who have received their Insights and have been actively engaged in the EMOTIV beta community, providing invaluable feedback to help us improve the product for everyone.

We’d like to give you a quick update on the status of our shipping process, platforms currently supported, and a few resources to help you get started with your Insight.


Insight App for Android 

We’ve released the beta Insight App, the companion app for Insight, which tracks and monitors your brain activity and gives you insight into how your brain is changing in real time. WARNING: IT IS BETA ACCESS. This is an early release and we have a lot of exciting additional features that we will be adding in the coming months.  Unfortunately, we prioritized iOS app development and focused our efforts on this earlier in our development road map but in March, Apple released 8.2, setting us back.  

Please join our Google Plus Community to access the beta download links.

Emotiv Insight App

                                            Emotiv Insight App


We’d love to hear your feedback on the beta Insight App to help improve it, so please share what you think on our forum! Please note that the app currently works on Android 4.4.2 and 5.1.1. 


Exclusive Access to Additional Beta Apps

As a special insider exclusive to our community, we have released additional bonus beta apps: Mental Commands, Brain Visualizer on Android and Insight Control Panel on browser. Again, please note these are beta apps which we are releasing early for feedback. If you expect to have a flawless experience, please do not sign up for beta access.  We will make an announcement upon public release.

Emotiv: Mental Commands App

                                         Emotiv Mental Commands App


Emotiv: Brain Visualizer App

                                         Emotiv Brain Visualizer App


Emotiv Insight Control Panel on Safari

                                       Emotiv Insight Control Panel on Safari


There are two links to Insight Control Panel:  BTLE connection and USB dongle. If you’d like to order an EMOTIV USB Universal Receiver, please remember to use your backer exclusive 50% discount code (CP-U1ZQ9-208IHA2) during check out.  The EMOTIV USB Universal Receiver works with Insight Control Panel on either Mac/Safari or Windows 7,8/ Firefox. Please note that Chrome and IE are not supported.

If you are using native BTLE, we offer Mac support on OS X 10.10.3 (and later) with Safari version 8.0.5 (and later), Windows 8 with Firefox 39+ is fairly stable but still not perfect. Support for Windows 7, 8 with the alternate recommended Amazon Bluetooth USB Adapter will be released soon. Please check our website and announcements for any upgraded versions of our apps.


iOS Support 

As disclosed in our Kickstarter update on April 21, 2015, iOS versions from 8.2 have severely restricted the available packet count and rate, which prevented our protocol from working on Apple mobile devices. Our team is working day and night to resolve this and hope to have full support for iOS 8.2+ released soon. We will announce a roll-out plan in the next couple of weeks.



We’ve shipped over 1500 units from our factory in China via FedEx, and will continue to fulfill the remaining orders in the coming weeks. If you reside in a country where FedEx does not deliver, or must use a PO Box address, we will take care of these special cases to ensure successful delivery of each reward shipment. Please reach out to our support team with any special requests.

Duties and Taxes in each country is vastly different and often vary from case to case.  EMOTIV has not collected any duties and taxes as part of the Kickstarter campaign and it is the responsibility of the Backer to comply with the requirements in your state and country.  Please note that fees may be assessed by your Customs Office at time of delivery.


FAQ and Quick Start Guides

We've gathered a few FAQs from the community and created some online resources to help you get started with your Insight.  

Insight Tutorial: Assembling the Insight

                         Insight Tutorial: Assembling the Insight (video link)


Insight Tutorial: Wearing the Headset

                    Insight Tutorial: Wearing the headset (video link)


Insight Tutorial: Using the Application

                Insight Tutorial: Using the application (video link)


We will continue to update our Knowledge Base with helpful information and post video tutorials


Developers & Researchers 

Please look out for regular updates to your email inbox. We currently have Insight SDK for Win32, Mac, and EmoComposer for Win32. We will continue to extend support to Android and iOS in the coming months.

If you are a Research Edition backer, you can now access the links for the EEG Viewer forBTLE or using the recommended EMOTIV USB receiver. Please note that the Windows/Firefox and OSX/Safari recommendations above apply.


EEG Viewer

                                      EEG Viewer


We overcame many challenges to get Insight into all of your hands and on your heads and we’re still just getting started. With the release of the beta apps and your feedback, we’re only just beginning to refine and improve the Insight experience for all of you. Your feedback and experiences will help to build Insight into a truly revolutionary device.

We’re proud and appreciative of our passionate early adopter community! Thank you for your tireless efforts and openness to share your experiences with us and each other. Please keep your comments, pictures and feedback coming! You can always reach our customer support team if we haven't addressed your questions in this update.

Tan, Geoff, and the EMOTIV Team













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