What can I do with Emotiv Insight?

The Emotiv Insight is not just a brain computer interface, we've spent a lot time building new detections and software that provides feedback to allow users to optimize their cognitive performance. We are moving into the wearable devices space with this product but instead of tracking the number of steps you've taken, it tracks your cognitive performance.

At launch, consumers can download a free mobile app (Android/iOS) that measures, tracks and helps them improve their Attention, Focus, Engagement, Interest, Excitement, Affinity, Relaxation and reduce Stress levels.

You will get a much better idea of your productivity profile. When you're paying attention, the time of day and how long you can sustain your attention, your interest levels, your bursts of focus. How well you can relax, your stress levels. How attracted you are to new or old experiences. How well you relate to others and how you react to new situations. Emotiv Insight offers you the tools you need to monitor your performance across a range of different situations and to optimize the way you go about your work and play. Discover if classical music sharpens your performance, distracts you from your work or sends you to sleep. Learn how to approach business meetings to enhance your productivity. Set the thermostat so your creative juices can flow freely. Pick the best time of day for exercising, working, meditating or chilling out.

Research has shown that when you are made aware of all of these indicators, people are better informed and empowered to make decisions to optimize and improve their cognitive fitness and performance. Recent studies of brain plasticity and epigenetics provide strong evidence that you can rewire your brain and even overcome genetic predispositions by the activities you undertake and the way you respond to new experiences. Neurofeedback – a fancy name for modifying your behaviour to achieve desirable goals in your ability to perform well and respond more positively to your environment – is becoming well established as a way to improve your learning, improve concentration and develop your potential more effectively. Emotiv Insight will provide reports, graphs, hints and suggestions allowing you to decide which factors most influence your performance in your chosen activities.

We'll also work with Developers and Researchers to help them release additional applications that support the headset.

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