My device has bluetooth. How come it isn’t connecting with Insight?

Emotiv Insight uses the SMART (low energy) variant of the Bluetooth 4.0 standard for our wireless connections. Note that not all Bluetooth 4.0 devices support the optional SMART protocol. This is a defined standard but unfortunately all device manufacturers seem to be evolving their libraries and connection libraries.

We have unfortunately found a lot of variability on libraries with different devices and Android releases. We now support 4.4 on Samsung with better reliability, but we have found some issues with intermittent dropouts with Android 5.0 on Samsung S5.

With Insight Control Panel (browser application), we offer Mac support on OS X 10.10.3 (and later) with Safari version 8.0.5 (and later). Windows 7 currently works only with Emotiv Universal USB Receiver and Firefox 39+. Support for Windows 7 plus the recommended Amazon Bluetooth USB Adapter below will be released soon, please check our website and announcements for any upgraded versions of our apps.

Windows 8 and Firefox 39+ seems to be fairly stable but still not perfect with either Internal Bluetooth SMART adapters or the recommended model below. If you did purchase an EMOTIV USB Universal Receiver (marked EPOC+), those should pair seamlessly with your Insight Control Panel on either Mac/Safari or Windows 7,8 / Firefox. Note that Chrome and IE are not currently supported.

The recommended Bluetooth SMART adapter is:

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