How do I get my contact quality to go green?

Unplug the USB cable and turn the headset on. Insight does not function when plugged directly into a PC to prevent possible electrical accidents if your PC has a fault in the power supply.


Make sure the black reference sensors are making contact with the bone behind your left ear. You can bend the reference arm gently to fit your head.


The two front sensors (AF3, AF4) should be about 3 finger widths above your eyebrows and touching your forehead. You can part your hair and expose the scalp for improved contact quality for the other 3 sensors (left temple T7, right temple T8, and behind the head Pz).


It takes some time for the signal to settle. If none of them would go green, please try:

- Tips for Cleaning your Sensors which also helps to boost connectivity of the sensors against your scalp


If this does not help, please:

- Remove Insight headset from the head.

- Put your thumb on the references and then use another hand to squeeze AF4 or headband sensor to see if you can get one sensor to light up.

- If none of the sensor lights up, contact customer support.

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