Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Insight is not usually detected as a HID device unless:

(a) you also use Emotiv Universal USB Receiver (these are available to backers at a significant discount), please contact customer support for your discount code or

(b) you use Emotiv Extender (shipping soon).

Insight does not function when plugged directly into a PC to prevent possible electrical accidents if your PC has a fault in the power supply.

Most users will use Insight with Bluetooth® SMART - the low energy optional protocol built in to Bluetooth 4.0 standard (BTLE or Bluetooth Low Energy protocol are other names for the protocol but not the official name).

Please note that many Bluetooth devices DO NOT SUPPORT Bluetooth SMART. Most recent Mac products will work, as will some but not all Windows 8 devices. Unfortunately recent iOS devices and many Android devices (Android 4.4+) may also have problems. Check your device specs - they will specifically mention Bluetooth SMART or Bluetooth SMART Ready.

iOS unfortunately is still a disappointment. Apple unintentionally changed the Bluetooth SMART support within iOS 8 releases and significantly reduced the throughput. We are still working to fit all of our data into the available bandwidth (while hoping that Apple fixes the problem). Apologies, but iOS does not currently work with Insight... we will deliver a solution and field upgrade as soon as possible (within a week or two) and then we will be rolling out matching apps.

If your device does not support Bluetooth SMART, you can buy a suitable adapter.  Check out this article for a current list of recommendations.

Backers are invited to join our EMOTIV beta community and this channel will be a conduit for apps and materials. Many of which will also appear on our site and Google Play Store (for Android users). We are building content as fast as we can - including some apps already in Beta release.

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