I don't have a Bluetooth(r) SMART ("BTLE") compatible device, what do I do?

The Insight is designed to work with Bluetooth(r) SMART (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) compatible devices.

Please note that the SMART protocol is an optional part of the Bluetooth(r) 4.0 standard. This means that most Bluetooth(r) 4.0 devices do not support SMART - you should carefully check the specifications of your device to check whether it has hardware support for Emotiv Insight.

If you do not have a Bluetooth(r) SMART compatible device, you will need to purchase an USB Universal Receiver from the Emotiv store 

It is the only recommended adapter at this time.


Is there any advantage in getting the Emotiv Universal USB receiver?

EMOTIV Insight and EPOC+ headsets support both Bluetooth(r) SMART Low Energy protocol and Nordic Semiconductor's proprietary super-low-power wireless protocol.

The EMOTIV USB Universal receiver supports the Nordic protocol. The advantages of this protocol are a much higher data rate (for future upgrades you can easily run Insight at enhanced 16 bit voltage resolution at 256Hz with full speed motion sensing, we are restricted to 14 bit resolution, 128Hz sample rate and reduced motion sensor speed over Bluetooth). The Nordic profile is also more power efficient, getting around twice the battery life on the Insight using the Nordic profile. 

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