Example 6: AffectivDemo

AffectivDemo allows log score of Performance Metrics (including raw score and scaled score) in csv file format.

The program runs with command line syntax: EmoStateLogger [log_file_name], log_file_name is set by the user.

The example starts in the same manner as the earlier examples (see Listing 1 & 2, Section 5.4). A connection is made to the EmoEngine through a call to EE_EngineConnect(), or to XavierComposer through a call to EE_EngineRemoteConnect().

Log file log.csv has columns as time (time from the beginning of the log), user id, raw score, min, max, scaled score of the Performance Metrics (frustration, engagement, mediation, excitement).

Finally, we need to ensure correct clean up by disconnecting from the EmoEngine and free all associated memory.




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