EmoEngine Status Pane

The top pane of Emotiv Xavier is known as the Xavier Status Pane.  This pane displays indicators that provide real-time information about Xavier status and neuroheadset sensor contact quality.  It also exposes user profile management controls.

Xavier Status

The Xavier SDK will automatically detect the connection of an EPOC or Insight headset. By default, the Xavier SDK will automatically connect to the Insight or EPOC driver through Bluetooth LE connection or USB EPOC receiver connection. 

Alternatively, you may choose to connect to Insight or EPOC Composer, Emotiv’s Insight or EPOC emulator tool, from the Connect Tab.  Please note that Xavier Composer should be launched prior to selecting this option in Emotiv Xavier SDK.

There are three status indicators:

  • System up time: The timestamp (in seconds) attached to the most recently received EmoState event. Generally, this corresponds to the length of time that the Insight or EPOC have been running with a neuroheadset connected to the USB receiver
  • Wireless Signal: This displays the quality of the connection between the neuroheadset and the Emotiv wireless USB receiver connected to your machine.  If the headset has not yet been connected, the Wireless Signal symbol will remain black in color. Upon connection, the symbol will turn green in color. If the wireless signal strength drops too low, then no detection results will be transmitted and the detection suite UI controls will be disabled until connection has been reestablished.
  • Battery Power: Displays an approximation of the remaining charge left in the neuroheadset’s built-in battery.  

User Status

Use the controls in this section to manage user profiles and assign a specific user (via their profile) to a specific attached neuroheadset.  Although the Insight or Epoc Driver supports up to two simultaneously connected neuroheadsets, Emotiv Xavier only displays status information and detection results for a single neuroheadset at a time.  The HEADSET combo box allows you to specify the neuroheadset that has the current “focus.”

Note: headset numbering begins with 0 and not 1 as you might expect.

Other operations that are supported include adding, saving, removing, and switching between user profiles.  Note: Emotiv Xavier will automatically save user profile data to disk upon exiting the program so it is generally not necessary to use the Save Profile button.


Sensor Contact Quality Display

Accurate detection results depend on good sensor contact and EEG signal quality.  This icon display is a visual representation of the current contact quality of the individual neuroheadset sensors.  The display is a smaller version of the contact quality visualization found on the Xavier’s Set Up tab.  Please see detailed EPOC NeuroheadsetSet Up and Menu Breakdown for more information about fitting the neuroheadset and achieving good EEG signal quality.

Xavier Connect

Every time you attach a USB dongle receiver to the computer or connect through Bluetooth LE, the Xavier SDK program automatically checks to see if the Epoc or Insight neuroheadset has been attached and changes the user interface accordingly. The Emotiv Xavier SDK accommodates both the EPOC and Insight headsets.

On the upper left corner, clicking the  symbol will lead to a dropdown menu as follows: 

After the drop-down menu is opened, any tab may be selected. To close the drop down menu, simply press the X button at the top of the menu.  There are six sub tabs After drop-down menu is opened, you can select a tab which you want. You can click X on the top to close drop-down menu. There are seven sub tabs in the drop-down menu: Application, Connect, Set Up, Calibration, Detections, Reports, and Help. In the Premium version, an additional shortcut to Pure.EEG is also present. 


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