Emotiv Xavier Installation - Windows Operating System

This section guides you through the process of installing the Emotiv Software Development Kit on a Window PC.

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

  • 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor (or equivalent).
  • Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • 1GB RAM.
  • 50 MB available disk space.
  • One or two unused USB 2.0 ports (depending on the number of neuroheadsets you wish to use simultaneously)

Included Emotiv Xavier software

Emotiv Xavier developers will download the compressed file Emotiv Xavier SDK v3.0.0.x Installer.exe or Emotiv Xavier SDK v3.0.0.x-PREMIUM Installer.exe, which contains both the Xavier SDK software and this User Manual. Log in to your account at and navigate to My Emotiv ~> Purchases. Your SDK Edition should be available for download. Please also note the installation key is available from the KEY icon next to the DOWNLOAD button.


USB Receiver Installation

Plug the provided Emotiv USB receiver(s) into an unused USB port on your computer.  Each receiver should be recognized and installed automatically by your computer as a USB Human Interface Device.  The receivers follow the USB Human Interface Device standard so no additional hardware drivers are required to be installed.  Please wait for a moment until your system indicates that the new hardware is ready to use.

Emotiv Xavier Installation

This section explains the steps involved in installing the Emotiv Xavier software.  If an older version of the Emotiv Xavier is present in your computer, we recommend that you uninstall it before proceeding.

Step 1 Using Windows Explorer, access the Emotiv Xavier SDK v3.0.0.x Installer.exe or Emotiv Xavier SDK v3.0.0.x-PREMIUM Installer.exe  downloaded from the website.

Step 2 Run the Emotiv Xavier SDK v3.0.0.x Installer.exe or Emotiv Xavier SDK v3.0.0.x-PREMIUM Installer.exe  file.  An Emotiv Xavier SDK v3.0.0.x  Setup window will appear after a few seconds.

Step 3 Click Next to start the installation process. You will be asked to enter First Name, Last Name, Email, Key Order Number and Serial Key. These numbers are available from the KEY icon next to the DOWNLOAD button at My Emotiv => Purchase. Enter these numbers  and click Next.

Note: when you enter the correct Key Order Number and Serial Key,  a pop-up box will appear indicating the “Serial Key is valid”. Click OK and proceed to the next step.

Step 4 If you haven’t uninstalled and older version of the Emotiv Xavier, you may be asked if you wish to uninstall the older copy before proceeding.  Multiple copies of the Insight can coexist on the same machine but you must be careful not to “mix and match” components from multiple installations.

Step 5 After a few seconds, an Installation Complete dialog will appear.

Step 6 Click Finish to complete the installation.

 Opening Emotiv Xavier

Launch Emotiv Xavier by selecting Windows Start → Programs → Emotiv Xavier SDK v3.0.0.x → SDK → SDK.  When the Emotiv Xavier is launched for the first time, your firewall software (if installed on your computer) may notify you that the EPOC or Insight is trying to accept connections from the network (port 3008).  The notification message may be similar to the dialog shown in the below image.  For proper operation, you must allow Emotiv Xavier to use this port by selecting Allow access (or a similar option, depending on your firewall software). 


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    Jamie Barron

    I'm having trouble connecting my new Insight to the control panel on my computer. The USB dongle lights indicate it's connected but it isn't registering with Xavier control panel, which is also stuck on the setup guide for the EPOC and won't let me switch to the Insight tab.

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