What is the Extender accessory?

The Extender accessory is an external rechargeable battery pack that offers hours of additional use in mobile mode, and it can be powered continuously when plugged into your PC USB port.

The Extender accessory adds the capability to connect an Emotiv EPOC+ or Insight headset via direct USB to another device. It is the intermediary device that adds isolation circuitry to protect you from any electrical failure.

The Extender also has 2 additional functions: 

1. Data logger:

The Extender's built-in microSD card reader allows users to log data continuously and upload later, even if the mobile devices or PC are offline.

2. Hardware marker trigger (isolated TTL opto-coupled external event marker input channel): 

The Extender can fire a brief TTL trigger pulse into this connector, which adds a marker directly into the EEG data stream at the current sample - permitting researchers to determine the precise timing of stimulus events for later analysis. Naturally this input will also be electrically isolated to 2.5kV to protect the user.

The Extender features include:

- Pocket clip or lanyard device, plugs directly into your Emotiv EPOC+ or Insight headset utility socket

- Five Red/Orange/Green Contact Quality LEDs - monitor your signal quality without a connection

- Charge and USB connection LEDs

- Multimode operation: 

  • Mobile mode: Provides hours of extended operation. Top-up of Emotiv headset's internal battery while operating from the Extender power pack. 
  • Tethered mode: Powered directly from your PC USB port. Electrical isolation permits headset operation while connected to your PC. (For safety reasons the standard Emotiv charge cable disables headset operation when connected in case your PC has an electrical fault) Mains-isolated data pass-through to your PC USB port - hard wired connection replaces the Bluetooth Smart® wireless connection.
  • Recharge mode: Battery pack can be plugged into your PC or a standard phone charger for offline charging.

The Extender accessory is not compatible with EPOC headset.

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