What is EPOC+?

EPOC+ is the updated model of our award-winning EPOC neuroheadset. The added features are:

  1. 9-axis inertial motion sensor (3x gyro, 3x accelerometer, 3x magnetometer)
  2. Bluetooth Smart® connectivity
  3. 2 sample rates (2048 internal, filtered and downsampled to 128 or 256 per sec per channel)
  4. 2 resolution: 14 bit or 16 bit per channel (0.51 µV @ 14 bit / 0.13 uV @ 16 bit)
  5. User-configurable settings: 
  • 14 bit / 16 bit voltage resolution
  • Enable/disable individual motion sensors (accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer)
  • Enable/disable Motion sensor chip for extended operation 
  • Enable/disable wireless comms during USB/Extender operation, select preferred wireless mode
  • External hardware trigger option (via Extender accessory) 
  • Data streaming to SD card (via Extender accessory)

The 9-axis inertial motion sensor allows additional motion/positional tracking and monitoring than EPOC's 2-axis gyroscope. The sampling rate of motion data is adjustable by the user (128Hz, 64Hz, 32Hz, or off). The Bluetooth Smart® connectivity gives users an additional method to connect their EPOC+ to their PC or mobile device in additional to the EPOC dongle. It also allows the support of additional platforms - iOS 5+ and Android 4+ without USB OTG.

EPOC+ is backward compatible with existing EPOC software. The EPOC compatibility mode will output data from an EPOC+ headset in the same format as that from an EPOC. Upgrading the EPOC+ firmware will be done via a new bootloader feature. Customers will not need to ship their headsets back to Emotiv for upgrades. They can simply connect their headset to a computer or one of the supported mobile devices for the upgrade.



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