What does EMOTIV Pure•EEG™ software include?

EMOTIV Pure•EEG™ software is a real-time display of the EMOTIV headset data stream, including Raw EEG, contact quality, FFT, gyro, wireless packet acquisition/loss display, marker events, headset battery level.

Record and replay files in binary EEGLAB format.

Command line file converter included to produce .csv format.

Define and insert timed markers into the data stream, including on-screen buttons and defined serial port events. Markers are stored in EEG data files. Marker definitions can be saved and reloaded. Markers are displayed in real time and playback modes.

Pure•EEG™ is provided in monthly, annual pre-paid, and multi-year plans to  allow for better budget planning and lower upfront cost. So whether you’re a student, a citizen hacker, a small start up team, or a large corporation, you’ll have the ability to pay for tools for the amount of time that is right for you.

Discover Pure•EEG™

EEG display: 

  • 5 second rolling time window (chart recorder mode)
  • ALL or selected channels can be displayed
  • Synchronized marker window.
  • Automatic or manual scaling (individual channel display mode)
  • Adjustable channel offset (multichannel display mode)


FFT display:  
Selected channel only 
ALL or selected channels can be displayed 
Adjustable sampling window size (in samples) 
Adjustable update rate (in samples) 
dB mode – power or amplitude calculations 
dB scale 
FFT window methods: Hanning, Hamming, Hann, Blackman, Rectangle 
Predefined and custom sub-band histogram display – Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, custom bands 

Gyro display:  
5 second rolling time window (chart recorder mode) 
X and Y deflection 

Data Packet display: 
5 second rolling graph of Packet Counter output 
Packet loss – integrated count of missing data packets 
Verify data integrity for wireless transmission link 

Data Recording and Playback: 
Fully adjustable slider, play/pause/exit controls 
Subject and record ID, date, start time recorded in file naming convention


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