Intertial Sensor Functionality

Inertial Sensor

The Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset comes with a built-in 2-axis gyroscope, which enables a range of additional functions. (ex. cursor control)

Understanding the Inertial Sensor Tab

The Inertial Sensor Tab in the Emotiv Xavier SDK allows you to activate the neuroheadset's gyroscope and link it to the control of your computer's cursor. 

The left side of the Inertial Sensor Tab display is a visual representation of the current contact quality of the individual neuroheadset sensors. The display is a smaller copy of the contact quality visualization found on the Insight SDK's Set Up tab.

The right side of the Inertial Sensor Tab provides a visual representation of the gyroscope's relative position and the controls to activate and deactivate this feature along with a slider bar to make sensitivity adjustments. 

Inertial Sensor Controls

To  enable  this  feature,  click  on  the  ENABLE  button or shortkey CTRL+SHIFT+M (for Windows).    Your  mouse  will  immediately  respond  based on  the  movement  of  your  head.  Simply  turn  your  head  from  left  to  right,  up  and  down.  You  will  also notice  the  black  indicator  dot  move  in  accordance   with  the  movement   of  your  head/gyroscope.

The  Mouse  Sensitivity  slider  allows  you  to  adjust  the  sensitivity  of  the  gyroscope  when  controlling your  mouse  cursor.   The  RECENTER button or shortkey CTRL+SHIFT+C (for Windows) allows  you  to  recenter  your  position.

To  deactivate  this  feature,  use  your  head  movement  to  move  your  cursor  to  the  Deactivate  button and  left  mouse  click,  or  use the shortkey  CTRL+SHIFT+M (for Windows).

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