Emotiv Xavier: Menu Bar Breakdown

On the upper left corner, clicking the  symbol will lead to a dropdown menu as follows: 

After the drop-down menu is opened, any tab may be selected. To close the drop down menu, simply press the X button at the top of the menu.  There are six sub tabs After drop-down menu is opened, you can select a tab which you want. You can click X on the top to close drop-down menu. There are seven sub tabs in the drop-down menu: Application, Connect, Set Up, Calibration, Detections, Reports, and Help. In the Premium version, an additional shortcut to Pure.EEG is also present. 


To access the Application tab, click the menu symbol,  , which will display the detailed menu tabs of the Emotiv Xavier SDK. Press the arrow on the first tab, entitled Application

  • Enable Debug Logging: If you select this section, a name file is EDK-Debug-Log.txt will be generated in your  folder running. EDK-Debug-Log.txt display informations of program in real time. To use this tab you click Enable Debug Logging, then Reconnect program. The data for each time debugging will write continuous to EDK-Debug-Log.txt file.

  • Save Current Screenshot: When you click this item a screenshot is taken and a path window opens so you may type a filename to save the screenshot. After you click the Save button, the window will close.


Upon click of the menu symbol, , the second tab present is the Connect tab. Press the arrow to see the options within the Connect tab.

  • Connect Driver: By default when you start Emotiv Xavier SDK, the program will connect to the Insight or EPOC Driver and allow the user to select their profile, configure the detection suite settings, and get contact quality feedback through the Xavier SDK user interface.
  • Connect Composer: Xavier SDK can also be connected to Xavier Composer as well. This is useful when creating and testing a new action since the user can easily generate EmoState update events that satisft the conditions for rules defined in Xavier SDK. Refer to the Composer section for more information. 
  • Reconnect: If a switch is made between Composer and Driver, or if the device disconnects, select Reconnect on the Connect tab. 


This is a new feature only available with the new Insight neuroheadset. The EPOC neuroheadset does not have this function. More information will be released concerning this section upon release of the Insight in early 2015.



Another option available in the menu bar is the Detections tab.  The Detections tab contains activities relating to Mental Commands, Facial Expressions, Emotional States, and Inertial States. Please refer to the Detection Suites (Mental Commands, Facial Expressions, and Performance Metrics) pages for more detailed information.


This is also a new feature available with the new Insight neuroheadset. The EPOC headset does not have this feature. More information will be released concerning this section upon release of the Insight in early 2015.


The last option on the menu bar is the Help option. 

  • EPOC SDK API Reference: This section allows you to connect with Emotiv Application Programming Interface: a library of functions, provided by Emotiv to application developers, which enables them to write software applications that work with Emotiv neuroheadsets and the Emotiv detection suites.
  • About Xavier Control Panel: Provides the version name, version number, website address and other information concerning the Xavier SDK and headset.

Pure.EEG Software

If a device with Pure.EEG software is purchased, lease refer to the Pure.EEG Manual for more detailed information on usage of Pure.EEG. 




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