Do I need raw EEG data?

The answer depends on your application.

Each Emotiv neuroheadset includes Community SDK:

Community SDK

The Emotiv SDK provides an effective development environment that integrates well with new and existing frameworks and is now available to independent developers. It includes our proprietary software toolkit that exposes our APIs and detection libraries.


Facial Expressions

This suite uses the signals measured by the Emotiv Brainwear to interpret user facial expressions in real-time.  Artificial intelligence can now respond to users naturally, in ways only humans have been able to until now. When a user smiles, their avatar can mimic the expression even before they are aware of their own feelings.


Performance Metrics

This suite monitors user emotional and cognitive states in real-time. It provides an extra dimension in human computer interaction by allowing the application/game to respond to a user's emotions. Characters can transform in response to the user's feeling. Music, scene lighting and effects can be tailored to heighten the experience for the user in real-time. These algorithms can be used to monitor user state of mind and allow developers to adjust difficulty to suit each situation.


Mental Commands

This detection suite reads and interprets a user's conscious thoughts and intent. Users can manipulate virtual objects using only the power of their thought! For the first time, the fantasy of magic and supernatural power can be experienced.


EEG Access

When you purchase Pure.EEG software for EEG access,  it allows the real-time display of raw EEG data stream, contact quality, FFT, motion sensors, wireless packet acquisition/loss display, and marker events in our exclusive Pure.EEG software:


Pure.EEG™ software provides:

Real-time display of the Emotiv headset data stream, including EEG, contact quality, FFT, gyro, wireless packet acquisition/loss display, marker events, headset battery level.

Record and replay files in binary EEGLAB format1. Command line file converter included to produce .csv format.

Define and insert timed markers into the data stream, including on-screen buttons and defined serial port events. Markers are stored in EEG data file

Marker definitions can be saved and reloaded. Markers are displayed in real time and playback modes. 

Pure.EEG™ features include:

EEG display:

5 second rolling time window (chart recorder mode)

ALL or selected channels can be displayed

Automatic or manual scaling (individual channel display mode)

Adjustable channel offset (multi-channel display mode)

Synchronized marker window


FFT display:

Selected channel only

ALL or selected channels can be displayed

Adjustable sampling window size (in samples)

Adjustable update rate (in samples)

dB mode – power or amplitude calculations

dB scale

FFT window methods: Hanning, Hamming, Hann, Blackman, Rectangle

Predefined and custom sub-band histogram display – Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, custom bands

Gyro display:

5 second rolling time window (chart recorder mode)

X and Y deflection

Data Packet display:

5 second rolling graph of Packet Counter output

Packet loss – integrated count of missing data packets

Verify data integrity for wireless transmission link

Data Recording and Playback:

Fully adjustable slider, play/pause/exit controls.

Subject and record ID, date, start time recorded in file naming convention.



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