Why buy accessories with an EPOC headset purchase?

We highly recommend that you add accessories with your headset order.  International shipping can be extremely expensive, as such you can add accessories to your headset purchase at no additional shipping costs. 

Accessories such as the hydrator pack and felt replacement sensors are highly recommended.  If you intend to use the headset on multiple users, the felt replacement sensors are recommended for hygenic reasons. In addition, the gold plated sensors in the hydrator pack will oxidize with use; this is an additional reason why you may want to purchase an extra pack when ordering your headset. In addition to the headset, you can add the following without incurring additional shipping charges: 

a. 4 EPOC hydrator packs, or
b. 2 packages of felt sensors, or
c. 2 EPOC hydrator packs and 1 package of felt sensors


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